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07861 067308  info@gardenserviceslp.com

General Terms and Conditions


Definitions: the "Company" means COLUMBUS Garden Solutions with a registered address 38 Ardleigh Court, Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex CM15 8LZ and a reg.no 09729361.


The "Client" means the person or persons that request Company to carry out works.

1.All work undertaken will be discussed and agreed prior to the start date and all work will be completed by Columbus GArden Solutions unless otherwise agreed.


2. The estimate/original price for work includes all labour and green waste disposal if required.


3. Any addition and/or alterations to the contract shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions and additional payments may be required to cover the agreed changes.


4. The client shall provide access to site and dry storage space for materials at all times during the works progress and during Company's working hours. Our working hours are typically 8:00am-18:00pm.


5.The Client is to indicate the boundaries, undeground cables and pipes before works commencing.

Columbus Garden Solutions do not accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection. 


6. It is very important and the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory by laws/conditions/permissions that may be involved.


7. Severe weather conditions, including drought, may cause the delay of visits & works but this will not affect the original, agreed price.


8. The removal of dog excrement or large amounts of litter from the site is the responsibility of the client. 


9. Access to water and electricity services will be provided by the Client at no additional cost to  Columbus Garden Solutions.


10. Columbus Garden Solutions shall be free from any liabilities (including structural or accidental) when using machinery, except for accidents caused by its improper use. The Client is responsible for all plant on site once Company's staff and subcontractors have left site after a working day.


11. Materials delivered to site and tools left on site become the responsibility of the Client.  Columbus Garden Solutions accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or expenses after delivery of materials to site for any reason.


12.Delivered plants (if not planted immediately), will be stowed in and agreed location within the Client's garden. At this stage, responsibility for the loss or theft of these plants will rest with the Client. 


13.In extreme weather conditions (or changes of weather conditions), certain plants and materials can be affected, suffering damage if not protected. The Client should take all necessary precautions to prevent damage as it is out of Columbus Garden Solutions's control.


14.Watering of plants, trees, shrubs and turf becomes the responsibility of the client once the works/contract have bee completed.  Columbus Garden Solutions does not accept any responsibility for the survival once the works/contract have been completed.


15. Columbus Garden Solutions will undertake any requested jetwashing, but accept no claim or compensation arising from any damage caused  by the high pressure cleaning.


16. Columbus Garden Solutions will send an invoice to the client after each visit or end of month if there are multiple visits per month.


17. The client will be responsible for all payments to Columbus Garden Solutions.


18. Payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice. Payment methods are debit card, credit card* or by cheque *Credit card payment incur a 3% charge. 


19. In the event of an Operative (s) unable to gain access at a previously agreed time, there will be a call out charge equating to a minimum of two hours rate.


20. Columbus Garden Solutions are registered waste carrier, Our registration number is CBDL120838.


21. The term waste removal refers only to waste produced by Columbus Garden Solutions. Where possible we encourage customers to have compost areas and/or green bins. 


22. Columbus Garden Solutions reserves the right to use any drawings, photographs or plans produced by us for any future publications or displays whilst ensuring the anonymity of the Client.



Landscaping/ Design Projects

Prior to any works commencing, the Contract Agreement must be signed and returned to Columbus Garden Solutions.


Upon signature of the quotation by the Client, a binding agreement shall arise upon the terms and conditions set out hereinafter.


The Client is solely responsible for obtaining any planning permission required. Columbus Garden Solutionsdoes not take any responsibility for loss or damages occurred as a result of failed planning permission.


All additional works (not covered in the Contract Agreement) will be charged prior to being undertaken. (Only the works described in the quotation are included; the supply  of any other materials or labour costs to carry out such works other than stated within the quotation are excluded)


If applicable, parking charges and congestion will be paid by Client.


No allowance is made in the quotation for any extra work required due to unknown, hidden or underground features.


Materials need to be purchased in advance and will form part of the first stage deposit, payable one week before agreed start date.


In case that a Client decides to change the materials from those already derived on site, the Client is responsible for payment of all additional costs resulting from this action.


Columbus Garden Solutions design cannot be reproduced without prior consent of the MD Peter Zvolensky. It must not be used in any marketing purposes by a third party unless specifically authorized by the MD.


Payment terms:

Prior to any works commencing, the first payment of 30% of total estimate must be made to Columbus Garden Solutions. This can be paid by debit/credit card, cheque  or bank transfer.


Where the works value exceed £5,000.00, a schedule of interim payments will be agreed prior to works commencing.


On the completion, the Client will be required to sign off the works, and the remaining balance paid within 15 days following receipt of invoice.



All quotations are valid for 30 days only and may be subject to alteration after that date.

The quotation is a best estimate of price at the time of submission taking into account existing site conditions and layout at the time of viewing.


Acceptance of the quotation signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract documents and represent a binding contract between the parties.

COLUMBUS Garden Solutions Ltd

Reg.address: 106 Orchard Way





Tel: 07861 067308

E-mail: info@gardenserviceslp.com

Company no: 09729361

Registered in England & Wales



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